How a Lift & Stor Storage Bed
Could Improve Mad Men’s
Vincent Kartheiser’s Tiny House

Vincent KartheiserVincent Kartheiser began his acting career in children’s theater at the tender age of 7, and appeared in his first movie in 1993. He went on to appear in many more films, but the role he is best known for is Pete Campbell, the ruthless advertising executive on Mad Men.

So as a star of an Emmy winning series now in its sixth season Vincent Kartheiser is living the Hollywood high life with a huge mansion in Hollywood Hills and a new sports car among numerous other expensive toys, right? Wrong!

Vincent Kartheiser lives in a 580-square-foot bungalow. His character, Pete Campbell would hate it! But it appears Kartheiser became disenchanted with the opulence and material excess of Hollywood, possibly due to his middleclass, Midwestern upbringing.

He was the youngest of 6 children, so he probably didn’t grow up in spacious conditions. Around 2003 he began giving away most of his possessions, including his car. He also became a vegetarian. An avid environmentalist, he considers both choices “green.”

Kartheiser then proceeded to move into his small, one room home. But small doesn’t necessarily mean meager or cut rate. Kartheiser chose a famous designer to construct what he calls a Japanese-industrial décor for his home.

When Kartheiser originally moved in, the 580-square-foot bungalow was divided into several rooms. With the help of his designer, it was quickly opened up into one large space. Japanese sliding screens are used to create privacy in the bathroom and closet area.

How A Lift & Stor Storage Bed Can Help A Tiny House!Living in such a small space, it can be difficult to find room for all of your belongings. One of the more challenging decisions was where to put the bed. Sitting in the middle of the room it would take up way too much valuable space. So the only possible improvement would be if it were a Lift & Stor Storage Bed.

A Lift & Stor storage bed would add as much storage space as another closet! Though Kartheiser gave away or sold most of his things, he still needs all of the storage he can squeeze in. A Lift & Stor storage bed is a great place to keep out of season clothing, extra bedding and towels, and to file all of the scripts he has to learn.

The Lift & Stor storage bed lifts easily with the help of two ninety-five pound hydraulic shocks and it will stay open until you close it. Who couldn’t use that much more neat, dust free storage space?

Kartheiser’s designer has already provided other multitasking components, such as a coffee table in the outdoor courtyard, that when the top is removed reveals a fire pit.

Living in small spaces just takes creative thinking. He could easily make use of other furniture containing hidden storage from Lift & Stor Beds to complete his ascetic décor.

Since the living room contains a coffee table, couch, ottoman and chair, the coffee table and ottoman could both provide hidden storage.

Although Vincent Kartheiser continues to live a sparse lifestyle, he has a beautifully and intelligently designed home that has met his needs for many years. Sometimes less really is more!

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