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Every part of the Arizona home is important. The kitchen is where we make food to sustain ourselves, the living room is where we build community, the bedroom is where we nest, the bathroom is where we wash, the garage is where we work. The guest room is a sorely neglected room within the home. When guests are not around, it is usually abandoned, dusty, and poorly designed. The guest room should be an appreciated space. It is where friends and family find comfort in a place that is not their own home. So why let it stay cluttered and bland? There are tons of ways to create a beautiful guest bedroom, and you can start with the addition of a murphy bed or storage bed.

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Saving space and saving face

A tiny cramped bedroom is not the ideal space to be stuck in while visiting a friend or family member in Arizona. Unfortunately, a guest room is a guest room. The typical home will not reserve a larger room for a guest room that will remain unoccupied more often than not. However, there are ways to seriously open up a small bedroom and make it appear bigger. A murphy bed is a structure that houses a mattress and folds up into a shelving unit when not in use. You could save major space with a murphy bed. A murphy bed with a pull down table or desk would also be great for a guest room. An online storage bed would work similarly well. Luggage, towels, blankets, and other items can be stored easily beneath the mattress in the storage compartment for your guest’s easy access.

Get inspired!

There are so many sources of inspiration for designing a guest bedroom online and offline. Interior design magazines, depot catalogues, Pinterest, and other websites have tons of ideas for the best guest bedroom you can design on any budget. Trying cutting and saving images you find and bookmark ideas that you find in interior design literature. Pinning ideas and images via Pinterest onto an inspiration board would work well too. Consider color schemes, decorations, materials, furniture, and light sources for your new guest room.

Plan ahead

Once you decide on ideas that you are going to implement for your guest bedroom, you need to plan ahead for things to go smoothly. Consider the dimensions, final colors, function of furniture, and general shapes that you want in your guest bedroom. Consider feng shui and how to arrange things in a way that makes sense and is comfortable as well. Planning ahead will help you get even more inspired and ready to get to work.


Furniture is one of the most important elements of a well designed room. Do your guests really need a large writing desk? Do you really need to put that massive dresser in the corner when most of your guests stay for a weekend? After deciding where your murphy bed or storage bed will go in the room, plan out where the rest of the furniture will go. The ideal guest room will usually include at the very least a bed, storage space (a storage bed has both!), shelving units (murphy beds have that covered!), a clothing dresser or closet space, a small desk, and a chair. Plan where these furnishings will go so that there is ample walking and lounging room.


Colors are very important. They change the entire mood of a space immediately. The palette you choose for your guest room should be comforting, concise, and fluid. Consider the colors of furnishings, decorations, walls, floors, upholstery, and other elements. Every inch counts. The palette should be something calming and relaxing to make your guests feel right at home.


It is important to decorate your space with decor that is appropriate for the space. Consider items like rugs, artwork, light sources, reading materials, floral touches, and other knick knacks. Do your best not to go overboard. When it comes to the guest room, subtle is more than enough. We do not want our guests to feel overwhelmed! The purpose of decor in the guest room is to make it more personal and inviting, not intrusive and cluttered.

create beautiful guest bedroom tipsI am ready to invest in a murphy bed, where should I start?

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