How to Update The Most Important Room in your Home

Which room of your home gets the most use? Did you guess the living room? You’d be wrong. It would come as a surprise to know that one study says that people tend to spend a little over 8 hours a day in the bedroom as the majority of the time they are sitting or laying in their beds. On average, 80% of a person’s bedroom is taken up by the bed itself. Just imagine all the space you would have if the bed area doubled as a storage area for your stuff. This is the mindset that went into inventing the storage bed. More and more, room sizes are going down while population is going up, making it imperative to use any bit of space you may have inside of a room. Now of course there are a lot of different storage beds to choose from. Some storage beds have storage boxes built in, and some that can be hidden away. Today we focus on one particular storage bed, the wall bed.

update important room in home

If you’ve never seen a wall bed in person then chances are you’ve seen one in the movies. Wall beds come with a whole lot of style and are an ingenious way to approach storage and space saving opportunities. Wall beds are designed to have the look of a concealed wall, but it is absolutely a bed. Other names for them include Murphy Wall Beds and hide away beds. One of the coolest options for this style of table is the opportunity to fit a sofa, chair or table underneath it. When the bed is not in use the space available can be used for all sorts of things, like a lounge, or a study. These beds are famous for their ease of operation, no matter what state the bed is in you also reduce the amount of stuff you would need to move. Many people question whether or not these beds are any different than normal beds and the answer is no. They are just as comfortable and provide an amazing sleeping experience. There is also an option for hide away beds to be controlled electronically, rather than manually. As you would expect, the electronic version costs a little bit more than its counterpart but may also need some professional help in case the pulleys were to fail. These electronic hideaway beds can be controlled with a remote and generally cost much more than a manual bed.

Storage beds can be bulkier than your normal bed and that is why some should consider the size of your room before you take the plunge on buying one. One disadvantage can be that they are sometimes a bit cumbersome to put together and take apart. That is why it is important to remember to take into account the exit and entry ways in order to move it around or to another room. This article is geared towards helping you in determining whether a storage bed is suitable for your home and if it is then how you must prepare for the assembly inside of your home. It’s well known that beds are one of the bulkier items of furniture in a home. Besides money a bed can be taxing as we try and select the perfect one for our home or situation. Everybody knows that a good night’s sleep is one of the key factors in deciding whether or not you are going to have a good day. This is why it is so important to take into account all of the different aspects of selecting your bed before you buy. update important room We recommend measuring the space in your room before you buy a storage bed so that you will have a good idea about how you are going to move it, especially if the space is tight. Shop storage beds online to find the right fit for you or search through our DIY storage bed kits online!

In the end it comes down to how comfortable the bed is. And with a storage bed you not only get the same level of comfort but you also get the benefit of being able to create extra space without affecting the space around the bed. So count on Lift and Stor Beds to have everything you’re looking for. Stop on in or contact us today, we look forward to working with you.

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