Lift & Stor Beds Now Offers Queen Size Hidden Beds

Save space in your arizona home with a hidden bed from lift and stor storage beds

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Richard Abbey, Lift & Stor Beds: “I’m Richard Abbey. I’m with Lift & Stor Beds, and happy to show you our new queen-size hidden bed. We’ve always carried a full size, but now we carry a queen-size hidden bed, which incorporates a desk and a bed in one unit. And when you pull the bed down, everything on the desk stays in place. You don’t have to remove anything from the desk to open the bed. So, the bed just comes down, leaving everything intact on the desk. And then, you have a queen-size bed, ready for guests. Very easy to open and close the bed. So, virtually, any room in your house can be a guest room and an office all in one. If you have any questions about this, or any of our other products, visit us on our website at or give us a call at 480-380-8018.”

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