How To Design a Home Office That Doubles As A Guest Room

Hidden Beds By Lift & Stor  As An Office SetupHaving a home office that doubles as a guest room is not just a good idea, it is a stylish modern concept that utilizes our spaces to the hilt – whether you’re living in an 800 square foot condo or in a sprawling ranch with multiple rooms, you may want to consider this.

Years ago, there were no home offices. With the innovations in modern technology, from scanning to the internet to skyping, home offices are more and more common.

According to statistical research, one in four American families have a dedicated room in their homes as an office.. This is 26% up from 20% last year. These vary in use, from small business owners who work from home, to employees who are allowed to work from home part time or full time as well as people who do extra work or studying at home.

The demographics of individuals using home offices are all over the map. It is no longer just useful for younger people, but also a real boon for a senior citizen or older person, who may no longer work in an office but has some interest in continuing to work, without having to travel into the physical office location.

Factors such as the cost of gas and childcare logistics as well as potential transportation issues, whether it is an expensive train or bus fare, or length of time to travel, make working from home very enticing.

The benefits (zero commute, no dress code and flexibility) are huge. Many seniors are retiring and starting other small businesses from their homes as well.

The purpose of sharing the guest room and home office is obvious – most people only use their guest rooms a few times a year. Leaving a room dedicated only to that is a waste of space the other 350 plus days of the year.

There are amazing new products that can help create the ideal space. Hidden beds from Lift & Stor are a very efficient and attractive way to transform your space. You do not have to re arrange all of your work materials. You do not have to put away your papers. You do not have to blow up an air mattress or pull out a futon or lift anything. It is so easy to do, a child can do it, and that is not an exaggeration!

You literally slide the bed down and slide the bed up. Your office remains fully intact and goes underneath the bed, with no effort on your part.

By using a hidden Lift & Stor bed, you save yourself tons of time, energy and irritation. You can leave your office set up with ample space to move around and utilize your desk area all year long. On the occasions you have guests coming, no problem, you just pull down the bed.

If you live in the typical four bedroom house, you can have a dedicated room for each child and for yourself as well as a home office/guest room.

Even if you do not work from home but want a good, quiet place for your children to do homework, or a place for them to study, or yourself, this is a great solution.

If you have an existing room that you are interested in transforming using a hidden lift & stor bed, it is simpler than you think to do this. The first thing you need to do is declutter your existing room and separate out what is office stuff and what is bedroom stuff. Remove clutter, clean up cords and other messy items. The next thing is to formulate the plan for the room and how you want it arranged. Lift & Stor Beds of Arizona can help you assess your needs and work out the best option to match your needs and budget. You can either get a twin or double bed so it works for single or couples. These beds are made in the USA by skilled craftsmen so you can feel comfortable knowing you are buying a quality product, built to last.

There are many different ways to design your multi-purpose home office and guest space and you can enjoy putting your creativity to work! Contact Lift & Stor Today!

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