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Ready Made Murphy Wall Beds

If you are looking for a unique yet functional piece of furniture, having a murphy wall bed is an excellent option! Ready-made murphy wall beds are typically created as bookcases, hutches, and more with functional cabinets, and drop tables to convert your smaller space, into a room combination. This can allow you to have guests over with a proper place to sleep at night, as it will effectively configure into a bed, and when not in use, will fold away out of sight giving you the floor space you really need.

Our excellent custom Arizona murphy beds are crafted from fine wood such as Oak or Birch to really give you the quality you deserve. We can help you turn any room or space into a functional room that serve many purposes, including an office with a custom murphy bed that folds out of the cabinets when needed, working with any dimensions available.

Our company truly treats every order for custom beds as if they were going to be placed and used in our own homes, so the best craftsmanship is always provided. Custom wall beds can be created for queen, full or twin size beds, both horizontally and vertically, and can even be available in the unfinished format “paint grade” to allow you to add your own unique touch and style!

This bed is a real space-saver, is hinged at one end to be stored against a wall, closet or cabinet in a vertical position and can be lowered or raised through a piston lift. The mattress comes attached to the bed frame and meticulously tied with elastic strap to prevent sagging when not in use. Some wall beds are even sold in stores with options such as cabinets, desks, lighting and shelves. These beds are available in various types and sizes such as platform beds, king bedsith storage, queen bed with storage, full size bed, kids beds and twin bed with storage, and are made of wood, rattan or oak material.

Murphy Beds, when opened, can provide a full or queen size bed for guests yet, when they are in the closed position they allow for the use of much needed floor space in small quarters, and give off the look of a sophisticated wardrobe that can match any decor. Designs can include intricate woodworking details, and can vary from a country style to a more modern, sleek design. Murphy wall beds also include supplementary options to expand upon, such as wall units that can serve as additional shelving for knickknacks, drawer space for clothing, curio cabinets for collectibles, or extra closet space.

Wall Beds by Lift & Stor

Wall Beds serve a similar purpose when compared with other fold away beds, as they also hide the bed out of the way when not in use, however, when in the closed position, the wall bed can vary in its appearance to have the effect of a wardrobe, cabinet, or a mirrored wall. Headboards are created out of leather, wood, or mirrored panels and fold away to leave much needed space while not in use, ensuring an uncluttered room. These types of DIY wall bed kits offer a simple convenience, and can range in cost depending on the materials used, and the design created. Simpler designs will generally cost less than other systems with added features, but still offer the ability to blend in to most household color schemes and designs.

Call us today at 480-380-8018 with your measurements, and we’ll show you exactly what we can do for you when creating a custom wall bed! We even have do it yourself bed kits!

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