Resolving To Resolve Your Clutter in 2014

How Lift & Stor Storage Beds Can Help Resolve Clutter!Clutter; it’s the bane of many people’s existence! Compare it to one hundred years ago when the average person had one or two every day outfits, and if they were lucky, one ‘good’ outfit. In today’s culture we just have so much stuff! As if to prove the point there are magazine articles and television shows on how to get rid of clutter. That’s because clutter in your home feels like clutter in your brain. It gives you a nagging sense of unease and steals your time as you search for things each day.

So, how to begin getting organized? There are many methods and much advice out there. One such method is to remove everything from the space you want to organize by placing it all into one of four boxes; trash, get rid of, store elsewhere, keep. You need to be ruthless in your decisions about what to keep and store. If you find that you really can’t part with some things that you don’t use, try putting them in a special storage place and write down the date. If you haven’t used it in one year, it should go.

If that all sounds overwhelming, break it down into smaller increments. Once you have chosen the area to begin with, look at the clock. Decide that you will work as hard and fast as possible on it for 15, 20, or 30 minutes. Continue working on this area whenever you have a few minutes to spare and soon it will be organized. Then move on to another area.

If you can’t bring yourself to pull everything out at once, try going through each room with two trash bags. Use one bag for garbage and the other for things to be donated. Or you can begin with one drawer or cabinet at a time.

Be creative; take your trash bags or boxes into any room with a television, then straighten and de-clutter during commercials. You can even take one drawer at a time from another room into the TV room and clean them out.

Once you have restored order to your home you will want to keep it that way. Have a family meeting and ask everyone to do their part to help keep the house free of clutter.

Try setting up a container for each family member where you can put anything they leave lying around. Once each week have them put these items away. Another helpful habit is not to bring anything new into the house without getting rid of something.

The most important rule to get and stay organized is that everything must have its own place. Unfortunately, many of us just don’t have enough storage space for that. One answer to that problem is to make your furniture work for you instead of just sitting there.

Almost every imaginable piece of furniture is available with built in storage. Possibly one of the most commonly known pieces is the Lift & Stor storage bed. Our Lift & Stor storage beds offer twice the storage of any other storage beds on the market yet cost much less. These beds are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors and finishes.

If you would like to keep the cost down even further, you can purchase a do it yourself storage bed hardware kit that includes instructions with all the cutting dimensions for your size bed.

Lift & Stor Beds are known for their ease of operation, enabled by two ninety-five pound hydraulic shocks. They open with the flick of the wrist and stay open until you close it. This makes it the perfect dust free storage for everything from seasonal decorations to out of season clothing to sports equipment. In a child’s room a storage bed can serve as a giant toy box.

Other options to de-clutter rooms are wall beds and hidden beds. These beds make rooms multi-task. If your guest bedroom doubles as an office or work-out room this can be a perfect solution. Wall beds have a wooden face that pulls down with the bed, making wall beds virtually invisible when folded up.

Our Hidden Bed desk bed system is a patented bed and desk together that uses a balancing mechanism so that everything can stay on top of the desk as the bed pivots down over it. You can also custom create a hidden bed that transforms into a bookcase or hutch as well, you can even add functioning shelves and cabinets for more storage!

We also custom build furniture with hidden storage. Bring your ideas to our Arizona showroom and speak with one of our expert craftsmen. We can help you find a place for everything, so everything can be in its place.

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