How to Decide What’s the Best Size Mattress for Your Storage Bed

Storage beds can help you get the space-saving solutions you need. Many storage bed frames allow you to choose any size mattress you like. Here are a few things you should consider when deciding on the best size mattress for your storage bed:

How Big is the Frame

How to Decide What’s the Best Size Mattress for Your Storage Bed
While your storage bed may fit any size mattress, you may not want to put just any mattress on the frame. For example, a twin mattress will fit on top of the larger frame, but it won’t fill the frame. You’ll then have a lot of space around the mattress that will look awkward. A king mattress may almost overfill the frame, and you may not get the support you need.

How Big is Your Space

Storage beds are designed to help you save space. If you choose a large, thick mattress, it will look bulky in a smaller space. Choose a mattress that’s large enough to provide the comfort you need but small enough to look good in your space. You’ll need to measure the bed, the mattress and the space where you want to store it to find the right balance.

What’s the Height of the Mattress

Storage beds lift to reveal storage space or floor space. Mattresses that are very thick may interfere with the lifting mechanism. Again, proper measurement is key to finding the right mattress for your needs.

What’s the Weight of the Mattress

Storage beds include powerful mechanisms to make lifting the mattress easy. However, you should still consider the weight of the mattress when making the right choice for your storage bed kit. A very heavy mattress with a dense frame and excessive padding may prove to be cumbersome even with a powerful lifting mechanism. Check the weight limits for the frame and choose your mattress accordingly.


Of course, the bottom line for any mattress is your personal comfort. Choose a mattress that’s big enough and thick enough to give you a great night’s sleep. Give yourself enough room to stretch out, and make sure the mattress is thick enough, soft enough and supportive enough to provide maximum comfort.

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