How a Storage Bed Offers So Much More than Simply Hiding Years of Collected ‘Stuff’

How a Storage Bed Offers So Much More than Simply Hiding Years of Collected 'Stuff'

How a Storage Bed Offers So Much More than Simply Hiding Years of Collected ‘Stuff’
Learn how storage beds can be used for more than hiding your older items.

Storage beds are valuable pieces of space saving furniture. The mattress rests on a platform that raises to reveal a space below that you can use to store your belongings. You can clear the clutter out of your room and make more space.

A lot of people end up using their storage beds like closets, simply shifting the clutter to a place where they can’t see it. The area may become congested with boxes, books, photographs, holiday decorations, sporting equipment and more.

Instead of just moving your clutter from one area to another, use these tips to make better use of your storage bed:

Create Easy Access to Bedtime Reading Material

A lot of people enjoy reading a book before they drift off to sleep. Some people just read one book and return it to the shelf. Others keep a virtual library at their bedside, and the books, magazines and other reading material can start to create a cluttered mess.

Instead, create a small library under your bed. Use wooden boxes to organize and store books, magazines, DVDs and CDs. When you are ready to read a book or watch a show before bedtime, just lift up the bed and pull out one item at a time. You can put it away when you’re done without having to go very far.

Create Additional Space for Clothing and Shoes

We aren’t all blessed with huge, walk-in closets. The smaller your home, the smaller your closets likely are. Most of us have a closet that is not much bigger than the width of the door. These closets don’t offer much space for clothes or shoes.

You can create additional space for your clothing and shoes under your storage bed. Use Tupperware or fabric bins to sort the clothes, just like you would with drawers. Use a small shoe rack to sort your shoes and to create more space. You can access your clothes as easy as opening your closet door or a drawer.

Change Out Seasonal Clothes

An easy way to save space in your bedroom is to change out your clothes when the seasons change. After all, there’s no reason to take up a lot of space in your closet with bulky winter coats during the summer. Yet you don’t want to haul your clothes up to the attic either. You need them to be close at hand for an easy swap when the weather changes.

Storage beds offer the ideal solution. You can store your out-of-season clothes under your bed so that they aren’t taking up room in your drawers or closet but they are still close by when you need them.

Don’t turn your storage bed kit into another cluttered space in your room. Use these tips to help you get more use from them instead of letting them be a hiding place for all the things you’ve collected over the years.

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