Creating Great Sleeping Conditions for Your Children

One of the top complaints for any parent is lack of sleep. Even after they are no longer babies, children still struggle with sleep because they’re growing, they’re excited about what they’re learning, and they have unending energy. Even if they can sleep through the night, they might not get to sleep quite so easily.
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Creating great sleeping conditions for your children will encourage great sleep — which will help everyone in your house get better sleep. Here are a few things you can do to create great sleeping conditions for your kids:

Get Rid of the Clutter

How do you feel when you try to settle down for sleep but are surrounded by piles of laundry or boxes shoved in corners? It’s probably not very easy for you to relax and go to sleep. It’s the same for kids.

While kids may not also be thinking about how they need to fold their laundry or organize their toys, they do feel a stress they may not be able to articulate by being surrounded by clutter.

Using storage beds can help you easily reduce the clutter without having to add new furniture pieces to the room. Storage beds for kids take advantage of the area that’s already under the bed. The area is enclosed by a wooden cabinet, and you can access it by lifting the mattress platform. You can put toys, books, seasonal clothes, and other items under the bed to keep the floors cleaned.

Invest in a Good Mattress

Our online Storage beds can be paired with just about any size mattress. Make sure you choose the highest-quality mattress you can afford for your children’s rooms so that they get the best night’s sleep.

A comfortable mattress will help your children fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep. They will sleep more deeply, which will help them wake up better rested and have better energy for the day. Good sleep begets good sleep, so you will be creating a cycle that promotes itself.
Choose a comfortable pillow and cozy sheets and blankets to create the best sleeping area. Ask your child to test out pillows and blankets so you can find something that’s comfortable to him or her. Also let your child sleep with a lovey or stuffed animal that will make him or her feel safe and comfortable during the night.

Black Out Light

Our bodies are on natural cycles that are linked to the rising and setting of the sun. When the light is out, we want to be awake. When it is dark, we want to be asleep. That’s why it’s so hard on people who live in places where there are prolonged periods of light or dark, such as in Alaska.

Installing blackout curtains can help your little ones sleep when it is not quite dark outside, such as during the summer when it stays lighter much later than your desired bed time. The blackout curtains can also keep out early morning light that might cause your children to rouse at 6 a.m. when you aren’t quite ready to wake up yourself.

You can purchase blackout curtains in a variety of designs and colors, so you don’t have to worry about buying a thick, black drapery to get the effects you want.

Choose Red Lights

You can’t avoid all light in the room, unfortunately. Your children may want a night light to comfort them in the dark, or they may have toys that have tiny lights showing that they are powered on.

Make sure all the toys are put away, and choose night lights that have a soft, red light so that they do not impact your children’s sleep. The red light does not stimulate the brain in the same way as fluorescent or incandescent lights, so it won’t keep kids awake.

If you want a reading light, choose a lamp that has a soft light. You want just enough light to be able to read without stimulating children who you are trying to put to sleep.

Use White Noise

sleeping tips for children
Unless you want to be as quiet as a church mouse in your own house after your children go to sleep, you’ll want to invest in a white noise machine to block out sounds that might wake your children.

White noise is soothing and will encourage sleep, and it will block out sounds that might wake your children — including the sounds of other children toss and turn or snore in the next bed over. Put the machine on a low volume so that it provides enough noise to drown out background sounds but so that it doesn’t get so loud that it becomes disruptive itself.

You can choose machines that have a variety of sounds, such as soothing rain sounds, the sounds of birds chirping, the gentle waves of the ocean, and so on. Or you can choose a machine that puts out rhythmic static sounds that are similar to what we all heard in the womb.

Getting young children to sleep may seem impossible, but all you really need is the right sleep environment. Try these tips, and you’ll likely find that you’ll crack even the toughest nut and enjoy a sound night of sleep.

Lift & Stor Beds sells a variety of storage beds for kids that will help you de-clutter the room to create a more soothing sleep environment. Contact us for more information. The mattress platform is easy to lift to access the storage space below — so easy that even your children can do it while they are cleaning up their rooms. You can choose from a variety of sizes and design options so you get just the right bed for each room in your home. In addition to storage beds, we also sell wall beds and loft kits that can help you make the most out of your space. You’ll create a kid’s room that is not only beautiful but is also conducive to great sleep.

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