The Advantages of Custom Furniture
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When shopping for furniture these days, consumers are hard-pressed to find the styles and components to suit their needs. Most furniture retailers sell only mass-produced stock items, with little or no customization available. For the discriminating homeowner looking for beauty, functionality and quality, the advantages of custom furniture from Lift & Stor Beds in Arizona are many.

Custom Entertainment Centers

An entertainment center is more than just a place to put a TV and its attachments. A quality custom entertainment center is not only functional, it becomes the centerpiece of the room. When all of the electronic components fit into an organization system built specifically for the customer’s needs, the center adds both beauty and value to the home.

Entertainment centers are not limited to large, wall-covering home theater systems. The size of the job, whether large or small, does not change the attention to detail. A well-designed entertainment center of any size can help a homeowner save room through better organization and utilization of existing space. Having all of the entertainment components occupying the same area in an organized fashion removes clutter and provides ease of use.

Black wallbed/entertainment center combo by Lift & Stor Beds in Arizona

In addition, many of the orders placed are for pieces to fill smaller nooks and crannies where traditional furniture simply will not work. Wasted space serves no purpose. Being able to utilize this lost space with a lovely decorative cabinet or shelving unit truly completes a room.

However, when a large unit is needed, the customer can expect a breathtaking creation built exactly to the specifications they require. Many items can be purchased ready-made, but for those who desire a more personal touch, an in-home consultation is available. The high level of customer service offered by every craftsman will ensure that the customer’s vision is fulfilled. Using only solid woods and attractive, quality hardware, they can match any décor while offering greater value than the particle board creations sold in mass market chains, and often at a lower cost.

Custom Office Furniture

In addition to entertainment centers, Lift & Stor Beds also offers a wide selection of custom home office furniture. A home office is a reflection of the homeowner, and the beauty of the furniture is as important as its functionality. Every detail must be perfect, and the pieces should provide organization as well as style.

The desk is traditionally the most important piece in the home office. Whether large or small, not only is the desk central to the work that takes place there, it also reflects the personality of the homeowner. Its design should allow for a smooth workflow with comfort and convenience. Besides having a place for a computer and other equipment, it needs well-placed compartments for holding supplies. Drawers can be of a traditional size, or may be customized as required.

Custom Built Home Office Furniture By Lift & Stor Beds in AZ

Cabinetry is another important part of custom office furniture. Maximizing storage space through the use of strategic shelf placement is its function, but the gorgeous, hand-crafted wood is its appeal. Designed to match the desk, no office is complete without this space-saving addition.

Other furnishings can be created around the desk, such as side tables, printer stands and shelving for books or storage. One of the most popular pieces of office furniture is the custom wood credenza. Made to match the desk and other furniture, a credenza adds to the beauty, style and functionality of the workspace. It is often the defining piece that ties the entire room together. Fitted between other furnishings or standing alone, a credenza is elegant and intelligent.

The craftsmen and carpentry experts at Lift & Stor Beds in Arizona always ensure they provide the highest quality products for each and every customer.

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