Make Space For The Christmas Season With A Beautiful Murphy Wall Bed

Make Space For Christmas With Murphy BedsMurphy Wall Beds are the perfect solution for adding extra sleeping space to any home without having to devote a lot of permanent space for use as a guest bedroom. Murphy beds can magically transform any space into a beautiful sleeping area when needed, then conveniently fold up and be stored into the wall once again with little muss or fuss. When William L. Murphy created his first folding bed, he came up with the clever idea of a bed that would fold into the wall because of the space limitations he was experiencing in his own life as a renter of a one-room apartment in San Francisco. The Murphy Bed became extremely popular during the 1920s and 1930s and almost a century later, is experiencing a resurgence of popularity due to its practicality and efficiency.

There is no need to panic when family members announce they are coming into town to celebrate the Christmas holidays when the home owner or apartment dweller invests in Murphy wall beds ahead of time. To find the right location to install a Murphy Bed wall system, simply look around the living space, whether it’s a home with several floors or just a one-bedroom apartment to find the perfect placement for Murphy beds. It could be a room that is currently a sewing room or a home office. It could be some spare space next to a wall in the basement where a Murphy bed cabinet can offer comfortable sleeping space. Having a Murphy bed handy when company arrives for Christmas allows a living room, an office, a rec room or any small space in the home to take on a new identity at night when extra sleeping space is needed.

Having a Murphy bed to accommodate overnight guests at home means that the homeowner has extra space available to stage a traditional Christmas tree. A Murphy wall bed saves space to make it easy to store all those Christmas presents that need to be stores until the big day arrives. Some Murphy wall systems when compacted even offer desk space that can be used to write out Christmas cards or finish wrapping holiday presents. And Murphy beds save everyone money because neither hosts nor guests have to spend for accommodations at expensive hotels and motels.

Sleeping in camping bags on the floor may be adventuresome for kids but most adult guests need the support and comfort of the real mattress which a Murphy bed system offers. Air mattresses and fold-out cots likewise provide a lumpy, uncomfortable sleeping experience and are not as desireable a solution for elegant accommodations as are Murphy wall beds. There are many different styles of Murphy systems to choose from, including those that offer beds with special features such as built-in reading lights, different sizes of mattresses and cabinet styles to suit the existing decor. The mechanism is easy to raise and lower and the mattress can be kept made-up with fresh bed linen to be ready to receive company for the holidays at any time! And every Murphy bed system is finely crafted to provide durable and easy operation for many years to come.

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