Care, Maintenance and Repair of Your Storage Bed or Murphy Wall Bed

In our increasingly busy and cluttered lives, do we ever have enough storage space? Most people would answer with a resounding “no”! One of the more popular solutions is storage furniture. After all, you’re going to have furniture in any case, so why not put it to work for you?

The original Lift and Stor Bed is the gold standard in storage beds. Though it is less costly than other storage beds, the original Lift and Stor Bed contains twice the storage of any other storage bed on the market. It opens easily thanks to the assistance of its two ninety-five pound hydraulic shocks, and will stay open until you close it. Lift and Stor Beds are available in all sizes and a large variety of styles and colors, so there is one to fit every room and need.

How To Care For Your Lift & Stor Murphy and Storage Beds
Many owners find storage beds to be the perfect solution to the limited space in a vacation cabin or a park model manufactured home. Older homes generally have very small closets, so they are also good candidates for a storage bed.

Even if you live in a newer, more spacious home, clutter can get the best of you. Is your child’s room always strewn with toys? With a storage bed they can simply lift and store, like a giant toy box. Is your craft room a jumbled mess of craft supplies? How about your home office? Are papers and files lying everywhere? These rooms can look neat and polished with your things stowed away in a storage bed. In addition it gives these rooms a dual purpose as a guest room.

Lift and Stor Storage Beds are handy for storing almost anything, from those clothes waiting to be passed on to a sibling, to holiday decorations. These beds can also double as a pantry for emergency canned goods, or as a linen closet for extra towels and bedding. You won’t run out of uses for a Lift & Stor Bed!