The History of the Bed in the Wall

Misson Sunset Murphy Wallbeds The invention of the bed in the wall was ingenious in that it not only saved space in bachelor apartments and smaller homes, but it also offered the benefit of not having the chore of making the bed every morning. Also called hidden beds, their historical arrival began with an American company called Murphy.

Interestingly, Murphy wall beds are so popular and have been around for such a long time, that no matter the brand name of hidden beds, synonymously they are linked with the name Murphy.

William L. Murphy was born in California in 1876. While dating his future wife, he resided in a tiny one room flat with a large bed that took up most of the living space. It has been rumored that he was embarrassed by the monstrous bed, so he came up with the idea to hide it from sight during the day. The first bed he invented was the folding bed. He opened his company that same year, then moved it to New York where it still is today.

Natural Open With Cabinets Arizona Wall BedAn increase in the sale of Murphy wall beds peaked during 1960 through 1970 due to the lagging economy and because more Americans were moving to smaller apartments and houses. Today, a renewed interest has increased sales of hidden beds, especially because the designs are unique and may be custom made. From the elegant and highly priced to the economy styles, there are wall beds perfect for any family or individual.

For example, the queen size wall beds are custom built with their drawers and wardrobe constructed of only the highest quality of wood such as maple, cherry, oak, and walnut. For the economically minded individual, the beds including built in bookcases are financially affordable on most any family budget plan. Newer wall beds do not include the mattress, but these may be purchased separately by the same company, or other company of choice.

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