Top 5 Space Saving Innovations

In today’s households, there is an emphasis on avoiding clutter and saving space. There are many appliances and accents that can be added to the home for use as space saving and storage; and unlike space savers of the past, these new designs are aesthetically pleasant and they are affordable, too!

Here are the top five space saving accents and appliances that can be incorporated into most homes easily and affordably.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables that have lift up tops with hidden storage are a blessing for any living room. They make the perfect place to store magazines that families aren’t ready to throw out yet, as well as extra remote controls and other knick-knacks that cause clutter in the living space.

For people who rent small apartments or studios, coffee tables with hidden storage can be a fabulous place to store extra things that the resident wants kept out of the line of sight for visitors.

Storage Beds

Storage beds provide drawer space within the bed frameFor many people, bedroom space is limited; but thanks to the innovative storage bed, the days of having to choose between taking space up with a dresser or having piles of laundry in baskets on the floor are finally over.

Storage beds provide drawer space within the bed frame that can be used to store clothing, extra linens, or anything else a person may wish to keep out of sight in their room; without the hassle of finding a dresser that compliments the bedroom furniture and without losing the precious bedroom space. There are also many storage bed DIY kits that can help save you both space and money!


When it comes to book storage, keeping bookshelves neat and out of the way can be difficult. Bookshelves that are built in to the wall save necessary floor space. Another reason that built into the wall bookshelves are a great addition to any room is they do not require being bolted to the walls to avoid tipping.

Built in to the wall bookshelves save quite a bit of space. The space saved could provide room for a larger sofa, another chair, or an entertainment center.

Fold Up Kitchen Tables

For small kitchens that aren’t considered “eat in,” tables that fold up in to the wall are a great option. These built in tables are attractive and extremely functional as space savers. Unlike drop leaf tables, they are completely out of the way until needed, taking up zero square footage that could be used for maneuvering around the kitchen while preparing food.

Stackable Washers and Dryers

Stackable Washers and Dryers Save SpaceWashers and dryers are bulky and take up a lot of room. For homes that don’t have a separate laundry room or those that do (and just need a bit more space for other things), a stackable washer and dryer set may solve the space problems once and for all.

Stackable washers and dryers are typically smaller in width and length than their full sized counterparts and stack up in a slim-line formation that adds quite a bit of room in the space once hogged by large appliances.

No matter how small the living space, there are space saving innovations that can provide more room, less clutter, and more overall comfort for the residents. Clutter and disorganization, along with small spaces, can make people feel unhappy in their living quarters. Many of these appliances and accents are affordable and easy to find; and will fit in well with any decorating style. For those who have doubts, incorporate one of these innovations in the home, and see how much clutter is eliminated and space is saved to become a believer!

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