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Get custom office furniture built by experts at lift and stor bedsA few weeks ago, I met with a client that worked from home and had a home office. Her office consisted of a desk on one wall that held her laptop computer, an extra flat screen monitor, a phone, and other typical files and supplies. The best part of the office was her office chair. It was a queen sized bed! That’s right, she sat on the edge of the bed to do her work for eight + hours a day. The bed also held all of her other files that she needed for work.

I asked her why she didn’t move the bed out and have more room for her work. Her response was, “I can’t give up my guest room. Where would my guests sleep?” After a little more probing, I discovered that she has guests about two times a year, but have not had anyone in the past year and a half! When she does have guests, they stay for about two days per visit. That’s crazy! Be uncomfortable while working for guests that come a few times per year? I would spring for the hotel.

She was a perfect candidate for a Murphy Wallbed and home office conversion. In today’s world, a home office is a must. The vast majority of workers work at home at least a portion of the work week, and many work full-time from home. A typical three bedroom house does not leave many options if you still want a guest room.

William Lawrence Murphy invented the Murphy Bed in 1900. Almost 100 years later, it’s true use is coming to light. Getting the guest bed off the floor will take up 16 inches of of your floor, which is where it will stay the majority of the time. Putting the bed up gets you floor space, but what do you do with all that extra space? How about a fully functioning office, a craft room, or an exercise room? Most people are not willing to give up a guest room and these other room end up in the dining room or the kitchen. By using a Murphy Wallbed, you can get many other uses out of the same room. It’s like turning your three bedroom house in to a five bedroom house!

Stop spending time fighting that queen sized bed and take control of your space with a Murphy Wallbed and home office.

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