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For people who are looking for a bed in a confined space, a wall bed may be the perfect option for them. The bed actually is stored inside of a closet and can be pulled down to sleep on. When done sleeping, it is easily put back into the closet. There are other types of these beds that actually will appear to be a closet when folded up but are actually a bed. Wall beds are not like a normal bed because they do not have any box springs. Instead, they usually have a wood base with the mattress over top of it. These beds are most often seen in apartments because of the lack of space that is available. What a lot of people might not know is that wall beds are great for being used on the go. Some examples of this would be in an RV, a boat, an airplane or a submarine. In these cases, wall beds go mobile.

Pefect Wall Beds For Mobile SpacesA lot of people choose to use a wall bed in their RV because of the limited space. It allows them to have more space in their RV when they are not sleeping. Sometimes they are used as a spare bed in the event that they have more people in the RV than usual and need additional sleeping space. It works out great because the bed uses almost no space when it is folded up. Best of all, it will just appear as a closet or cabinet so it will fit the decor well.

Most boats that an everyday consumer would use aren’t that big inside. This is why its more important than ever that they maximize the space available inside. Living space occupies a good portion of the interior of the boat. By using a wall bed, a person could save themselves a lot of space inside. This space could then be used as an area to hang out with guests or have a party.

A submarine is another perfect example of a good place for a wall bed. Submarines are compact enough as it is. Adding living space to an already cramped environment can be difficult. With a wall bed, someone can use half of the space they normally would need to use.

A wall bed is an option that would be a great choice for almost any mobile living space. Most mobile living spaces are small and don’t accommodate for many people. By using a wall bed, someone can increase the living space well beyond what it was intended for. This is great especially when someone has guests over. Traditionally, wall beds were just mainly used in apartments. More people are now beginning to realize how well they work in a mobile living space. In the past wall beds did not have the greatest looks. Now, wall beds can be quite an attractive addition to a living space. There are also many different sizes which can fit almost any area. For people who need extra sleeping space in a small area, a wall bed just may be for them.

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