10 Items You Can Store
In Your Storage Bed

Rather you’re living in a college dorm, with cramped space, tired of seeing your kids room with toys everywhere, looking to add more storage space to a bedroom, or just looking to upgrade your existing bed, storage beds are the way to go! A storage bed makes it easy to store just about anything, all in one space, freeing up space in your room, closet or dresser.

What are Storage Beds?

A storage bed, is a bed with a platform storage base. The mattress support deck lifts to reveal the large, storage area underneath. The bed lifts easily, and stays lifted, with the use of hydraulic lifts. Storage beds come in double, queen, and king size, with storage base depths ranging from 68 inches to 70 inches. Storage beds are great for kids, teens, and adults.

Storage Bed Use

Storage beds allow you to comfortably store a number of different items, discreetly, in it’s sturdy base, leaving your room clutter free. Storage beds are a great solution for kids rooms that have excessive clutter such as toys and books. The hydraulic lifts makes it easy for kids to lift the bed and store toys in its base, resulting in easy cleanup. Storage beds are also great for small spaces such as college dorms and apartments, because it allows you to store items in the base, freeing up extra space in a room. A storage bed in the guest room, gives your guests extra space for storing clothes, shoes, and even luggage! Storage beds offer a wide range of storage options, taking the guesswork out of where to store extra items.

10 Ideas For Storage Items

    • Linens – extra linens for overnight guests, such as pillows, blankets, and sheets, can be stored in your storage bed, freeing up space in your linen closet. And, they’re kept practically dust free!
    • Kids toys – bulky toys, stuffed animals, puzzles, and games, can easily be stored in the storage bed, making clean up a cinch for kids. Storage beds can also be used for toy rotation, allowing kids to switch between groups of toys, while storing the toys not in use, in the storage bed. This way they don’t get bored.
    • Seasonal clothing – clothing that is out of season can easily be stored in the storage bed, freeing up space in closets and drawers.

Ten Items You Can Store In Your Lift & Stor Storage Bed

  • Personal items – items such as photo albums and journals can be securely tucked away in a storage bed. Food items such as water, Tupperware and non perishable foods are great for storing in storage beds, especially if you have roommates!
  • Shoes – storage beds make an excellent space for storing shoes you’re not wearing, and shoes that are out of season such as boots, galoshes, and flip flops.
  • Books – books, magazines, baseball cards, video tapes, Cd’s, DVDs, and other collector’s items, can be easily stacked and stored away in the storage bed.
  • Christmas decorations – Christmas cards, ornaments, and wrapping paper can be easily stored away in a storage bed.
  • Sewing and crafts – craft tables and craft storage bins can easily be stored away in storage beds, making it easier to store everything in one spot.
  • Golf clubs – golf clubs, golf balls, and golf bags can easily be stored away in the storage bed, freeing up space in the closet or garage. This is also true for tennis rackets and other outdoor sports equipment.
  • Bath towels – big, bulky bath towels and beach towels can be folded and stored in the storage bed, freeing up space in your linen or towel closet.

Storage Bed Tips

So you see, storage beds really do make great space savers. Not only does the bed decorate your room, but the storage bin underneath also makes it practical. If you are going to use your storage bed along with your closet, it’s best to choose one type of thing that you’ll store, and store it all together. One good choice might be shoes, that you have a lot of. Grouping these items together makes it easier to find them when you need them. This also works well with hobby supplies. Storage beds can eliminate the need for dressers, by storing your clothes right in the storage bin, along with your shoes! Storage beds also make great “hidden safes,” keeping valuables and precious keepsakes out of sight from thieves. With the unlimited options that storage beds offer, why would you want to go with any other bed or in-home storage system? Storage beds are the wave of the future in bedding and storage, offering traditional bedding, with a much needed, practical twist.

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