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The bedroom is aptly named, since the focal point of the room is the bed. It is also the most personal room in the house, where you feel more free to indulge in your more personal style, be that girly or opulent, masculine or Spartan. The décor of the room has much to do with the size and type of bed you choose.

Various Styles and Sizes of BedsObviously beds are available in different sizes, most commonly, twin, full, queen, king, and California king. The correct size has to do with personal preferences, sleep habits, and the size of the bedroom. As a general rule, small beds look better in small rooms while big beds look better in bigger rooms. Twin and full size beds are often used for children’s rooms and guest rooms. Another variation on twin size beds is bunk beds, which can be stacked two or even three beds high to save floor space, but they also have the option of being separated into individual beds should space allow. An additional variation on bunk beds is the loft bed, which also saves floor space by elevating the bed; you have room on the floor underneath for a desk or a dresser. Adults and couples prefer the more spacious queen or king size beds.

There are also many styles and types of beds. As far as styles go, there is traditional, which can include anything from a four poster to a sleigh bed, if designed with traditional style.

Victorian style frequently employs the use of a four poster bed or a canopy bed that sits high off the floor. The décor and canopy itself is usually either frilly or dramatic. A canopy bed is also often part of a little girl’s dream bedroom.

A sleigh bed can be considered contemporary, while other contemporary beds are more of a pallet, in somewhat of a Swedish design. A canopy bed can also have a contemporary look, if the lines are clean and simple. Contemporary styling doesn’t use a full canopy, but rather strips of material draped along the straight lines of the canopy with the center left open.

More styles that come to mind are the dark bold wood of a Mediterranean style bed in a Spanish motif or the graceful rounded Far Eastern styles that brings to mind bazaars and magic carpets. The choices are endless, so it is simply a matter of personal taste.

Today there are also more types of beds on the market than ever before, made to cater to varying needs. While a traditional bed is still the most popular choice, it has a lot of competition.

If space is at a premium, you may wish to make use of a futon bed or a wall bed. A futon can serve as a couch by day and a bed at night. This is not your parent’s sofa sleeper! When you fold a futon down from a couch into a bed, the surface is completely flat. No metal bar in the middle to dig into you all night. When folded back into a couch, it is an attractive piece of furniture that can go in any room.

A wall bed, or murphy bed, is a bed that pulls down out of your wall when needed. When folded up into the wall, it looks like a closet or cabinet, allowing you to use the room for any function.

Water beds are just what they say; the mattress is filled with water. The water level can adjust the firmness of the mattress, and it uses an adjustable thermostat to keep the water at a comfortable temperature. The mattress fits inside a special frame. Many people swear by their water bed for relief of back problems, arthritis, and many other health issues. They say that the warmth and weightless feeling bring them pain relief.

When it comes to mattresses, there are the standard types in soft, medium and firm. They also vary greatly in quality and length of warranty. There are also newer developments, such as the memory foam mattress that molds to your body, improving blood circulation and enabling your body to fully relax. The high resilience of this foam relieves pressure points.

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, and much of that depends on your mattress. There are many different materials and firmness levels to help you find the best choice for you. Take your time trying out different mattress in the store, and when you make your choice, only purchase where there is a sleep guarantee, stating that you have at least two weeks to sleep on it and should you decide that you made the wrong choice it can be exchanged for another mattress.

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