Bedroom Designs that are trending right now

The bedroom is often the most neglected room in the home when it comes to interior design. It makes sense in a way; why invest money in a fancy bedroom that will never be seen by guests? However, interior design shouldn’t just be about impressing your friends. A beautifully designed bedroom can add comfort and a pleasant ambiance to your personal life. There are a ton of hot bedroom trends happening right now, and many of them are budget friendly as well.

Bedroom designs that are trending right now.


Ah, wallpaper, how we’ve missed you. It seems like the only place you could find wallpapered homes was in ancient home design magazines and your own childhood memory bank. Wallpaper is coming back in full force this season and many designers are getting on the bandwagon creating beautiful prints, bold designs, and metallic accents. Intricate or bold wallpapers pair well with neutral, solid-colored furnishings.

The Nordic look

Scandinavian decor and themes are becoming more popular nowadays and offer a fresh spin on the typical American ‘rustic’ look. Exposed wood, crocheted comforters, simple appliances, and deer-themed decor add a unique touch to a bedroom. Color schemes of soft beige, sterile white, and grey all work well together for the Nordic look. Don’t forget your knitted sweater!

Bright pops of color

Bright pops of color seem like dangerous territory for bedrooms. More often than not, the bedroom consists of very neutral, muted tones. Bright lime greens and fuchsia hues are becoming more popular in bedroom design and can be a sweet and fun way to create a comfortable mood for the space.

Get eco-friendly with reclaimed wood

The ‘green’ home is more common than ever and do-it-yourself eco-savvy homeowners are looking for more ways to make their space beautiful without broadening their carbon footprint. Reclaimed wood is a simple, rustic way to decorate different spaces in a home, including the bedroom. Reclaimed wood can be used to construct an accent wall, build a sustainable murphy wall bed, or create a natural art piece to place on a desk.

Storage beds

Storage beds are popular for the added height they offer to a bed and their ability to save a ton of space. Storage can be a difficult thing to take in a home, and if you have a bedrooms with not much more than a small closet you definitely know the struggle. Storage beds come in thousands of beautiful, unique designs and sizes to fit the theme of your bedrooms and the space you have available.

Soft and serene colors

Minimalist bedrooms are becoming more popular, and in that simplicity there must be a great attention to detail. Soft, muted, or pastel colors add a sense of serenity to a space where you sleep and relax. Creams, light olive tones, and pastel violet colors all compliment each other very well.

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers add nature, a sense of freshness, and a pop of color to any space. Fresh flowers in a simple vase on a bedside table or windowsill looks feminine and beautiful. It also adds just enough fragrance to a room to give it character, too.

Custom headboards

Headboards are back! While custom-made headboards and headboards you find at a retailer seem like they’d differ in price, custom headboards don’t actually cost much more. If you want to save further, do-it-yourself headboards are incredibly popular and websites like Pinterest boast thousands of custom headboard tutorials. Go for a taller headboard for an even more custom feel and decorate the space with sheer linen, shelving, art pieces, or string lights. Kids would love a custom headboard with their name on it, and they are much easy to make yourself than you’d think.

Granny florals

Just like wallpaper, who know that the trends our parents or grandparents loved would come back with such full force? Granny florals are becoming very popular for curtains and upholstered couches. A granny floral-printed sheet set for the bed or a soft upholstered chair can add a flowery vintage touch to a bedroom.

Marble accents

Marbles accents offer a touch of luxury ala Greek temples and ancient statues. It adds that pop of art for those of us who don’t particularly like in-your-face statement pieces. Candle holders, flower pots, clocks, and small statues made of marble are a pretty way to make a space sophisticated without breaking the bank.

Matte finishes on metal decor

Matte is crazy popular right now in cosmetics alone. Now, it is started to gain momentum in interior design. Metal finishes can do a lot for a space. You can make a room look more rustic, more industrial, or more minimalist with just a touch of metal. Matte finishes on metal decor bring out that ability in a much more modern way. Lighting fixtures, planters, or headboards made from matte finished metal are especially beautiful.

Trending bedroom designs.

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