The Many Benefits of Cutting Clutter

The Many Benefits of Cutting Clutter

The Many Benefits of Cutting Clutter

Here are a few benefits of reducing clutter in your home through the use of space-saving beds.

By investing in a hidden bed, you aren’t just making better use of the space, for example by making an office serve double duty as a guest room when visitors are in town. You are also helping to reduce clutter in your home. A space-saving bed like a Murphy wall bed stows away when not in use, clearing up a lot of floor space during the day. Even storage beds help to clear clutter by giving you a place to stash personal belongings when they are not in use.

In addition to creating more space in a room, here are a few other benefits of reducing clutter in your home through the use of space-saving beds or other strategies:

Create a Safer Environment

Have you ever tried to walk through a cluttered room? You likely tripped over a few things along the way or nearly did. Clutter is a safety hazard. You either have to worry about tripping over clutter or you have to worry about it falling on top of you.

Buying a wall bed is only one way to reduce clutter. If you have stacks of things everywhere or closets packed to the brim, you will obviously have to do some more work.

Make Some Extra Money

Clearing out clutter can pay. After you’ve identified the things that you don’t need any more, you can sell them in a yard sale or online. Depending on what you have to sell, you may only make enough to go out to eat, or you could make enough to buy something nice for yourself or to take a trip.

Improve Clean-Up Times

Cleaning a cluttered room usually means cleaning around the clutter. That makes clean-up time that much longer. Imagine how long it takes to vacuum a room that is full of furniture, knick-knacks, and piles of things. Now imagine vacuuming the same room with nothing but open lines ahead of you.

The more clutter you clean out, the shorter the time you will spend on cleaning in the future.

Clear Mental Space

Hidden Beds Help Cutting Clutter
We have emotional attachments to many of the things we own. You may be hanging onto an item because your ex-boyfriend gave it to you or because it reminds you of your best friend from grade school. Or you may have items around the home that remind you of unfinished plans, like the guitar you meant to learn to play.

By getting rid of these items, you let go of that emotional energy and clear up your head space to focus on what’s important now. You don’t have to think about the past or the things you might have done.

Buying space-saving beds and other space-saving furniture is just one step to clearing out clutter in your home, and Lift & Stor Beds can help. We sell storage beds, Murphy wall beds, and other space-saving beds that help you reduce clutter and maximize the use of a space. Explore our catalog now to find a bed that fits your space and provides the functionality you need or contact us for more information.

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