Hidden Beds

Hidden Beds are a fantastic way to create more space out of any room! Folded away behind a beautiful Bookcase with cabinets, as well as other unique designs give your room a functional way to have a bed when you need it, and fold away when you don’t!

Make The Most Of Your Space

Murphy Wall BedsMany designs of Hidden Beds are available, ranging from Bookcases, that have complete beds that fold down when you need to use them, to The Hidden Bed Desk Bed system that uses a fantastic balancing mechanism to keep all of your things in place on the desk area, even when folded away into a bed! Made from the finest materials, usually Birch or Oak, you receive the quality you deserve! No easily broken particle board!

Hidden Beds make ideal additions for offices, or even for teenagers rooms or dorm rooms, optimizing the usually small space available and making a functional multi-tasking room with a way to do work on a level, and quality desk, as well as have a fully functional and comfortable bed! Allowing you to have overnight guests sleep in a great bed, and in the morning eliminate the extra space taken up, by stowing the bed away in it’s hidden place!

Custom Made Hidden Beds

You can have Custom Hidden Beds made to not only fit your specific amount of space, but to coordinate with any style or design you desire! With choices of cabinets and drawers, as well as material, with working hydraulics that requires little effort for the transformation from desk to bed! You can also choose to have your hidden bed made as a hutch, wall or bookcase that will look lovely in any room while stowed away, but becomes a functioning and comfy bed when necessary, with just the flick of your wrist!

Hidden Beds really allow for you to make the most of limited space, not to mention that they add a unique look to any home or room. Lift & Stor Beds can provide all of this to you between our Ready-Made Beds, or Custom Hidden Beds, we are sure to create something that will compliment your needs as well as your room! Contact us today to learn more.

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