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Murphy BedsOne of the frustrating aspects about living in a small space is the limitations on how much furniture can fit inside the space and how well the space can be organized. Though organization and a limit on space can seem like a daunting obstacle there are creative solutions that address both of these problems at once. In a small space it is easy to have an extra place to sleep without having a guest room. Hidden Beds are a great way to achieve this extra sleeping space while keeping it hidden during the day time. With the right storage solution a space can be transformed from messy, disorganized and small to a more roomy space that is neatly organized and packed away when it is not being used to create more space.

Arizona Murphy Beds

Murphy beds can be disguised as furniture as they sit up flat against the wall during the day. This can look like an armoire or a television cabinet while against the wall but can be folded down into a bed. Murphy wall beds are so well hidden that nobody would ever know that a bed is inside until it is folded out to use. They are a great solution for keeping the bed hidden well in plain sight!

Arizona Hidden Beds

Another way to disguise the extra sleeping space in the bedroom is to use is hidden beds. Hidden beds can fold away and function as a working desk and then fold back down again for the use of sleeping.

Arizona Storage Beds

Storage beds are another way to have a bed in a small space and to also have a space to store things. Small spaces can be really limited for storage space so this solution can effectively store anything that fits within the bed frame and keep it out of plain sight. Beds with storage are also very easy to access so whenever something needs to be retrieved from storage all that needs to be done is to lift the top of the bed off of the bed frame to access the neatly organized storage space that lies underneath the surface.

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