Arizona Custom Built Furniture:
Furniture That Is Beautiful As Well As Practical

The major complaint against wood furniture kits is quality. Arizona Custom Built Furniture offers an alternative to off the shelf consumer built furniture. With a list of products to accommodate the uniqueness of most any home or office, there is no need to look elsewhere for furniture to accent any décor.

Arizona Custom Storage Beds

Arizona Custom Storage BedsManufactured with high quality industrial strength products, Arizona Custom Storage Beds are finished with a durable melamine laminate to ensure quality as well as beauty. With their unique lift system installed the once wasted space under the bed now has safe and dry storage for items such as: linens, towels, toys or any other extra items not frequently used. Arizona Custom Storage Beds in queen size provide just the right amount of storage in those tight spaces.

Arizona Custom Entertainment Centers

AZ Entertainment Centers Arizona Custom Entertainment Centers are manufactured using the same quality standards as their storage beds. Having a place to showcase electronic gadgetry continues to be one of the hardest pieces of furniture to locate. While some may want a hidden cabinet, others could express their taste by exposing the components. Installing Arizona Custom Entertainment Centers in a den or family room will enhance any room to which they occupy.

Arizona Custom Office Furniture

AZ Custom Office Furniture
Decorating a modern office has its challenges. Today a lot of them are located in an individual’s home. The problem presented is – where do they locate the office and or the furniture for it. Arizona Custom Office Furniture offers a unique as well as aesthetically pleasing solution. Desks tend to take up a lot of space in an office, and when the office is located in the spare bedroom the space becomes cramped and crowded. The solution is Arizona Custom Office Furniture. Decorative wall units can serve the dual purpose of storage for office related items as well as storing the extra linens or other things for the bedroom. The choices are left to the imagination.

Arizona Custom Built Furniture can be shipped or picked up locally in Phoenix, AZ or Seattle, WA. The possibilities are endless; the quality is superb. The only question remaining is what style to purchase, and when do they need to deliver?

Lift and Stor is your Arizona expert for storage beds and practical furniture items. Contact us today to learn more.

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