Building Your Own Wall Bed With Wall Bed Hardware

Do you often need extra places for guests to sleep? Do you live in a small room or apartment and need more living space? Having a murphy wall bed in your home can be the answer to all of your sleeping needs.

What is a Murphy Bed?

Murphy Bed HardwareMurphy wall beds are built in beds that close up into the wall for storage. This clears up the room for other uses when the bed is not in use. There are now do it yourself wall beds. The plans and do it yourself wall bed hardware are available online. These do it yourself wall beds are easy to construct and look beautiful when finished. You can use the wood of your choice and pick the finish to match other furniture in the room. These beds can be built around bookcases, desks or other items. Only your imagination will stop you from creating a beautiful space saving room with murphy beds. Create a customized bed with the easy to install bed hardware that can be used anywhere.

Make Space Anywhere

Do it yourself wall bed hardware for constructing your wall bed comes in kits for making several sized beds. Making extra space in your home is now possible with this easy way to construct wall beds. These beds can be placed in almost any room in the house. They can even be built to come out of a closet. The hardware is sturdy, anchors to the wall and is safe and sturdy when installed. Be ready for guests and give yourself extra space with the bed that you put away in the morning. Hundreds of people have used the wall bed hardware to easily construct beds that are beautiful and functional. Find out more about these do it yourself wall beds and start this fun and space saving project today.

Lift and Stor has been creating functional and stylish wall and spacious storage beds for years. Contact us today to learn more about our quality furniture items.

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