Putting the “U” in Customization with Made-to-Order Storage Furniture

Storage furniture can help you make the most of the room you have, either to create more space to get the functionality you need or to reduce clutter and make the room seem more open and inviting. Storage beds are an especially popular option since the bedroom seems to be the place where the most items start to clutter. Just lift the mattress, and a storage bed will reveal a storage area that can hide off-season clothing, linens, scrapbook items, shoes, and more.

When you start looking around at online beds with storage, you may find just what you want in a manufactured model. However, if you have more particular tastes or specific needs, you might have a little trouble finding the right model. Investing in made-to-order storage furniture can help you get the solutions you need. Here are a few ways you can customize your storage bed:


How to make more room for your home with storage beds!
Putting the “U” in Customization
with Made-to-Order Storage Furniture
Mesa, Arizona


Storage beds come in all the same sizes that any other type of bed does. You can get everything from a twin to a king, and the bed will be just as comfortable and just as durable. Choosing the size for your storage bed will influence not only your sleeping area but also how much room you have to store your belongings.


Customizable online beds with storage come in a range of finishes. You can choose natural wood finishes ranging from light to dark, or you can choose painted colors like white and black. You can even order the bed unfinished and then paint it whatever color you like. The range of colors and finishes allows you to seamlessly incorporate your bed into your decor without having to undergo a full redesign.


Storage beds look just as good with a headboard as without. The headboard sits on top of the wooden base, and you can choose to add it or not. Getting the storage bed headboard is optional when you order customizable online beds with storage.

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If you want to further customize your bed, you can engage in a little DIY and upholster the headboard. It’s a popular look that’s easy to accomplish with some fabric, batting and a staple gun. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even upholster the base of the bed without disturbing the lifting mechanism. You won’t be able to order the bed upholstered, but the bed provides a sturdy base that will easily support this DIY project.

Lift & Stor Beds has the storage solutions you need to help you make the most of your space. Our storage beds can be made to fit your preferences and your needs so that you get exactly what you want for your bedroom. You can further customize the beds with DIY projects, but you’ll find that it’s entirely a matter of preference. The beds are beautiful as they are after being customized to your specifications. They’ll make a big impression with their simple yet elegant designs and seamless storage. Shop storage beds online for made to order storage beds today.

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