Where in Your Home to Put Space-Saving Beds

Beds aren’t just for bedrooms. In fact, using space-saving beds like wall beds and hidden beds is one of the best ways to get more functionality out of other rooms. With the right bed, you can create the space for guests that you didn’t think you had, or you can create additional space out of sleeping rooms for other needs, such as hobbies or working from home.

Here are a few ways that you can use space-saving beds in the different rooms of your home:

Living Room

You may not have a dedicated guest room, but every home has a living room that you can turn into a comfortable sleeping space for guests. Some wall beds have built-in sofas that would fit right in with your living room. The bed pulls down directly over the sofa — you don’t even have to move the sofa.

If you have a very small apartment like a loft with only one large, open room, your living room is your bedroom. Hidden beds are perfect for giving you the space to entertain during the day and then transforming the space into a comfortable sleeping environment at night.

Guest Room

Wall beds are great in guest rooms!Unless you’re running a B&B out of your home, you don’t constantly have guests staying the night. Therefore, your guest room ends up being an empty space with a bed that never gets used.

To make better use of that space, you can use a space-saving bed. A wall bed can be pulled down only when it’s needed, and you can use the floor space to create a study area, exercise room or hobby space. At the very least, you can put a storage bed in the room so you can neatly store more of your possessions without cluttering up the room.

Kids Rooms

Kids are notorious for cluttering up every inch of a room with toys and other gear. You can give them more room to play during the day by installing walls beds that can be stowed away when not in use.

Hidden beds are also a great solution for when kids have to share a room. Instead of cluttering up the room with multiple beds, you can use hidden beds that only have to come out at night. Storage beds are also a good solution since toys can be stored under the bed when not in use.

Home Office

Murphy wall beds are perfect for a home office!Most people don’t have the square footage to create a dedicated home office. However, with the right space-saving beds, you can turn any room into a home office. Walls beds are a particularly good choice for home offices. Some bed designs reveal a desk when they are stowed away, and they are flanked by shelves for books and other study materials.

Whatever room in your home you are trying to furnish, Lift & Stor Beds has the space-saving beds to meet your needs. We sell gorgeous, designer walls beds, hidden beds and storage beds to fit any space and enhance any room design. You’ll maximize the space in your home while also creating a beautiful look for the room.

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