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Richard Abbey, Lift & Stor Beds: “We have headboards with our storage beds here in our Phoenix showroom. We do not ship those out of state. The only thing we ship out of state, is the actual storage bed. But any standard headboard will work on a storage bed. This one is just sandwiched between the platform top and the wall. It’s not attached to the bed or the wall in any way but it’s, as you can see, it’s not going anywhere. But this is one of our custom-made headboards that we offer here in our Mesa showroom. This is our nightfall bed with a matching headboard and it operates just as any other Lift & Stor bed. Lots of storage inside and anything can go in there from food, extra clothing, bedding. It’s 15 inches high, so it will fit a 12 to 13-inch plastic tub with no problem. A lot of people will fill plastic tubs and then put those inside the bed for organizational purposes.

Custom AZ Headboard for your Lift & Stor Storage Bed

If you have any questions on this bed or any of our storage beds, or wall beds, visit us on our website, at storagebeds.com or feel free to give us a call at 480-380-8018.”

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