3 Reasons Headboards Lead to a Better Night’s Sleep


3 Reasons Headboards Lead to a Better Night’s Sleep
Find out why Headboards lead to a better night sleep.
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When you are shopping for a new mattress, your primary concern may be of comfort. The quality of your mattress will have a big impact on what kind of sleep you get each night. Buy the wrong mattress, and you could be tossing and turning all night, or you could sleep but wake up feeling like you haven’t gotten enough rest.  Arizona custom headboards can help you get more sleep.

The headboard on your bed might seem like a purely decorative fixture, but it can actually have an impact on your quality of sleep, as well. Here are just three reasons that having the right headboard can lead to a better night’s sleep:

Stabilizes the Bed

Without a headboard, most mattresses simply sit on a metal frame. You may notice that when you get in or out of the bed, the whole thing wobbles and shakes. Now imagine that happening every time you roll over or shift in your sleep. It doesn’t make for a very restful night of sleep.

By adding a headboard to the frame, you stabilize the bed. You will minimize the amount of movement, ensuring that you have a steady base all night long. A headboard and rails will provide even more stability for an even better night’s sleep.

Fills the Gap behind the Bed

Even when you push the bed frame and mattress against the wall, there is often a gap between the mattress and the wall. Your pillow can be pushed into it and fall down the crack during the night. Your head can also be pushed into that space, as can your arm if you put it over your head.

A headboard and rails can eliminate that gap. The frame with the headboard at top creates a secure enclosure for the mattress, keeping it in place. You won’t have to worry about losing your pillow or having an arm fall into that cold space.

Blocks Out Light

Even with curtains on the window, moonlight and sunlight can creep through the cracks and into your eyes, waking you up when you’re not ready. Even the glow through the curtains can be enough to disturb your sleep. The right headboard can act like a sun visor to help you get a better night’s rest. The benefits are amplified when your bed is positioned in front of a window. Of course, the headboard will also need to be a solid material, not bars or decorative scroll work.

At Lift & Stor Beds, you can find comfortable and functional beds that will not only give you a great night’s sleep but will also provide the storage solutions you need. Our storage beds come with customizable headboards that can fit any size bed. Just lift up the mattress to reveal the storage space beneath. You can store your off-season clothing, shoes or boxes to keep them out of the way. Meanwhile, you will get a sound night’s sleep on the comfortable mattress and sturdy frame. Explore our catalog to find the options you need.

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