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When you live in a small apartment whether from NYC to Chicago, space saving tables and other furniture can help you make more of the space. Space saving furniture can also help if you just want to get more functionality out of the space, such as using a guest room as an office space, as well.

Learning about all your options can help you decide what the best choices are for your home or for the particular room you are trying to outfit. We’ve rounded up a few of the most popular space saving tables to give you the information you need to know. Here are our reviews:

A Lifting Coffee Table

Lifting Coffee Table by Expand FurnitureThe lifting coffee table looks like a regular coffee table in its basic state – albeit a more stylish one. The modular design and neutral tones would look chic in any contemporary setting, and there is a nook for storing magazines, books or other paperwork. When you are ready to do some work on your computer, you can lift the tabletop to transform the table into a desk. The mechanism allows the table to open and close smoothly and easily.

You can choose from a few different finishes to get the exact look you want, allowing you to use the table in any room of your home that you need it.

A Junior Giant Table

Junior Giant Table Desk By Expand FurnitureLooks are deceiving with this tiny transforming space saver desk. The modular white desk transforms from a width of little more than your forearm to a table that can seat eight to 10 people. You can use it for your computer work during the day and then transform it for a fabulous dinner party at night.

This transforming kitchen table is very easy to use. Just push the legs apart to reveal sturdy brackets that support the leaflets. You’ll have to store the leaflets separately, but they are small, making them easy to put in a nearby closet.

A Tiny Titan Transforming Kitchen Table

Tiny Titan Transforming Kitchen and Dining TableThe Tiny Titan is a transforming kitchen table that is both stylish and practical. It is built on the same design as the Junior Giant Table, transforming from a small, basic desk into a large, kitchen table that can seat eight to 10 people. However, where the Junior Giant Table has a more modern design, the Tiny Titan is a bit more traditional. The faux wooden finish makes the expanding table look more like a classic dinner table.

Space saving tables can help you get the functionality you need out of a room without taking up more floor space. You’ll make your home feel less cluttered and more inviting. Consider one of these transforming tables to help you meet your practical needs while also creating stylish décor.

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