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Troubleshooting Your Arizona Murphy Wall Bed 101

Troubleshooting Your Arizona Murphy Wall Bed 101

Troubleshooting Your Arizona Murphy Wall Bed 101

Here are a few of the issues you might experience and information on what you should do about them.

A quality Murphy bed should last you many years to come and give you exceptional service. The mattress should remain firm and comfortable, and the platform should continue to move up and down easily.

If you have purchased a lower quality Murphy wall bed, or if you have owned your bed for many, many years, you might start to have a few issues. None of these should be major problems, but they might require your attention. Here are a few of the issues you might experience and information on what you should do about them:

Bed Won’t Open or Close

Your Arizona Murphy wall bed should open and close smoothly and easily. If the bed is getting stuck, or if you find the platform harder to move than usual, the first thing to do is check the area around the springs or the pistons. Some of the bed sheets or blankets might have gotten caught up in the mechanism, making it hard for the bed to open or close.

In the majority of cases, bedding or some other item getting stuck in the mechanism is the cause of opening and closing problems.

Doors Aren’t Aligned

When your Murphy bed is closed, the “door” should line up with the cabinet. If it doesn’t, there is likely a loose hinge or other mechanism somewhere. Check all the hinges, bolts, and other fasteners to make sure that everything is tight.

If you installed the bed yourself with a diy wall bed kit, you should also recheck your measurements to make sure everything was put together correctly. You may have measured something incorrectly or used the wrong fastener somewhere.

Need to Move the Bed

A Murphy bed is fastened either to the wall or to the floor. If you have to move the bed to another room or even another house, you are going to have to disassemble it. The bed will have to be reassembled in the new location.

Sometimes, the company that sold you the bed will also offer services to install or move it for you.

Keeping the Bed in Good Shape

Arizona wallbed trouble shooting
You take care of a Murphy bed the same way you do other furniture made out of the same materials. If you have a bed with laminate, you would wipe it down with a soft cloth to keep it free of cloth. Just be careful around the edges and corners so you don’t snag a piece of the laminate. If you have a bed with real wood, use a quality furniture polish to clean and condition it.

Never use harsh cleaners on your bed.

Purchasing a high-quality Murphy bed is essential to getting a bed that will last you a long time and present few challenges. Lift & Stor Beds sells a large selection of Murphy wall beds in a wide variety of designs. All our beds are created with high-quality materials and with the highest attention to detail in their construction. Browse our online catalog to find the right Murphy bed for your home. If you have any questions, please contacts us today, we are glad to help!

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