Top 5 Design Features for Wall Beds

Top 5 Design Features for Wall Beds
A wall bed is an ideal choice for saving space in any room in your home, whether it is a guest room that you also want to use as office space or it is a kid’s room in which you want to make more room for toys and activity centers. You just fold the bed up during the day, and it lies flat against the wall, taking up almost no space at all. At night, you pull the bed down, and it provides a place to sleep that’s as comfortable as any “regular” bed.

When you choose a wall bed, you have many options for designs to make the bed blend in with the décor of the room and enhance your home’s interior design. Here are the top five design features for wall beds to consider:

Raised Panels

When you put away your wall bed, you are looking at a piece of solid wood against the wall. You can make the bed face blend in with the décor of the room by choosing raised panels. These panels can make the bed look like cabinets against the wall. If you position the bed in the middle of a larger unit that includes actual cabinets and bookcases, choosing raised panels can make the bed look like a large cabinet, helping it to blend in with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Applied Moldings

In addition to raised panels, applied moldings can add interest to the bed’s wall face and help it to
become part of the décor scheme in the room. Popular options include crown molding at the top of the bed and wainscoting trim. With the right applied moldings, you can make the bed blend in with the other railing or wall treatments in the room.

Painted Finishes

Most rooms don’t have detailed moldings or wall treatments. Most rooms have a simple painted wall. You can make your wall bed blend in with the design scheme of the room by choosing a painted finish that matches the paint on the wall. If you want to make a design statement, you can choose a color for your wall bed that contrasts with the wall, such as a bright red bed against a yellow or a white wall. By pairing the color with other design choices, such as applied moldings, you can help your wall bed stand out as a design feature by itself.

Stained Finishes

Stained wood is a classic design choice. A variety of stains are available for wall beds to help them stand out while also achieving a timeless and elegant look. Stains also add a touch of luxury to the design. You can instantly raise the profile of a room by choosing a wall bed with a natural wood stain, whether it is a light or a dark stain.

Wood Choices

Multiple types of wood are available for the construction of your wall bed. The most popular options include oak, walnut, cherry, mahogany and maple. Some woods are better known for their durability and strength, such as oak, while others are known for their brilliant finishes, such as cherry. The right choice for you depends on the look you are trying to achieve and the kind of traffic you are going to get in the room where you will keep your bed.

If you are looking for quality wall beds to transform your space, Lift & Stor Beds carries a large selection of Wall Beds in a variety of designs and finishes to meet your needs. You can choose from each of these top design features to find the bed that’s right for you and your space.

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