Lift & Stor Beds offers Seattle homeowners with DIY hardware kits for storage beds

NOTICE: Lift & Stor no longer has a storefront located in the Seattle area. All storage beds and wall beds ship out of Arizona.

After 20 successful years in Arizona as the premiere manufacturer of high-quality murphy wall beds, storage beds, Murphy beds and hidden beds, Lift And Stor has made its way north to serve the entire Pacific Northwest! We can now have your wall bed made to order for your home storage needs. Call or email Lift & Stor Beds today to learn about Seattle wall bed products available for Seattle, Washington homeowners.

Living in an urban setting such as Seattle, Washington, has great benefits. However, if you live in a smaller home or apartment, finding storage space in your Seattle home can be difficult. Choosing multi-purpose furniture is the key to optimizing space in your home.

Lift & Stor has been manufacturing and selling the most cost-effective storage beds and wall beds on the market for over 20 years. Our storage beds provide two times the storage space of any other storage bed on the market, and our prices are 30% lower than our competitors. Storage beds lift up at the mattress to reveal an empty bed frame with ample storage space for seasonal decorations, kids’ toys, cleaning materials, and for other storage needs.

Wall beds and Murphy wall beds are great options for Seattle homes. These beds fold up into a beautiful multi-functional display, such as bookcases and shelved cabinets. Create needed space or a new look in a room by purchasing a custom or DIY Murphy or wall bed kit.

Residents in Seattle, Washington, can order DIY hardware kits for storage beds, Murphy wall beds, and wall beds. These hardware kits include easy assembly instructions and an all-in-one hardware kit to build your own Seattle storage bed. Note that these kits do not include the wood to create storage beds, but include the hardware and thorough instructions needed to build a beautiful storage bed on your own.

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