Minneapolis Storage Beds

Minneapolis Storage Beds by Lift and Stor

Minneapolis Storage Beds
Lift and Stor offers Minneapolis residents space-saving furniture options with storage beds and DIY kits.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis may be located in the modest Midwest, but the city itself is part of the 14th largest metropolitan area in the country. With St. Paul, Minneapolis makes up the second largest economic hub in the Midwest, just behind Chicago. Many people move to the city to find career opportunities. As such, real estate is in demand, and most people can’t afford quite as much space as they would like. Even a luxury home can have low square footage compared to real estate of the same price in other cities.

The products at Lift & Stor Beds can be used to open up more space in your Minneapolis home, no matter how much square footage you have. If you have a smaller space, our space saving furniture can help you feel like you’re in a bigger home. If you have a larger space, our furniture can help you get the extras you’d like, such as a dedicated home office.

Clutter can kill a home. Our storage beds can help you hide away the items taking up your floor space while still providing you convenient access. Just lift the hydraulic mattress platform to reveal a storage cavity for everything from sports equipment to off-season clothes.

Minneapolis storage beds are a better solution than just shoving items under your bed. Not only are the items easier to access, but the built-in space creates a tidier look for the room. You won’t see any shoes or holiday decorations peeking out from below the bed.

A Minneapolis DIY storage bed kit gives you options for customization, such as a special stain or molding. Buying the DIY storage bed kit also saves you money. You just have to put in the work yourself.

Don’t let limited square footage limit your living options. Browse the online catalog at Lift & Stor beds to find the right custom storage bed for your Minneapolis home. Our DIY storage bed kit and wall bed DIY kit are ideal for handy types who are on a budget.

Great Quality!

Kim R.Minneapolis
“I love it. They delivered on time!”


Love This Bed!

Bill B.Minneapolis
“Well thought-out, easy to build, and so incredibly great for storage!”

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