Las Vegas Storage Beds

Stylish Furniture to Help Save Space in Your Las Vegas Home

Las Vegas Space Saving Furniture

Stylish Furniture to Help Save Space in Your Las Vegas Home


Learn how Lift & Stor Beds custom storage furniture can help you save space in your Las Vegas NV home.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Everybody wants to visit Las Vegas for a wild weekend. If you live in Las Vegas, that means that all your out-of-town friends and family will want to come stay with you. Unfortunately, you may not actually have the space to accommodate them. Having guests camped out on your couch won’t be comfortable for them or you.

Fortunately, the right Las Vegas space-saving furniture can help you create the guest room that you don’t actually have. A wall bed DIY kit from Lift & Stor Beds can help you turn any room into a guest room.

You can choose a wall bed with a sofa for your living room. When you have guests in town, just pull the mattress down from the wall, and it will rest directly over the sofa. Or you can choose a wall bed for your office space. When the bed is up, it reveals a desk for studying.

Our affordable storage beds can help you create more space in your home by reducing clutter. They won’t clear up enough space for a guest room, but they will help you create a more pleasant environment for your family and guests. Just store the things you need under the bed, and lift the hydraulic platform when you need what you have stored.

If you are on a budget, a DIY storage bed kit can help you save money. You just have to be willing to put the bed together yourself. Choosing a DIY Las Vegas storage bed kit can also give you options for customization so you get the exact look you want for your storage bed.

The right space-saving furniture can help you create a more open look for your home or to create the space you need for extras like a guest room or home office. Lift & Stor Beds has options to meet all your needs. We have a variety of storage beds, include DIY storage bed kits, to help you reduce clutter. We also have several options for wall beds, including those that come with sofas, desks and shelves.

View our products for DIY kits or ready-made storage beds that help you get the functionality you need. You’ll make your Las Vegas home more spacious, and you’ll be better positioned to welcome guests even if they drop in at the spur of the moment.

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