Lift & Stor Glossary Terms

Lift & Stor Beds sells a variety of storage, wall, and hideaway beds, but it may be confusing understanding the differences between the extensive line of options we have available for sale. This storage bed glossary is designed to help you understand your choices. With knowledge on the features, benefits, and qualities of wall beds, the original storage bed, hidden beds, and other space saving furniture options, you can be sure you’re choosing the best fit for your home’s size, your functionality and multi-purpose needs, and the style of your home.

Lift and Stor Glossary of storage and space-saving furniture terms

Storage Beds

Storage bed is a generic Arizona bed term that refers to any type of bed that can be store away items not being used. Items can be stored under the bed, can be stowed away inside a custom cabinet, or stored in another way. Storage beds come in a variety of sizes and a variety of designs. They can blend in with your décor, or they can be designed to be part of other furniture. Original storage beds help you to make the most of your space.

Hidden Beds

Quality hidden beds are storage beds that are designed to be hidden when they are put away. Hidden beds can include trundle beds that are tucked under other beds, wall beds that are folded into a wall unit, or even pull-out sofa beds. Hidden beds are decorated to look like other items to make them hidden, such as drawer fronts on the side of a trundle bed or cabinet panels on the front of a wall bed. Hidden beds not only help you to make better use of your space but also give you more design choices for your interior décor.

Wall Beds

Wall beds fold up into the wall when they are not in use. The luxury wall bed lifts up and rests inside a cabinet or a space built into the wall, creating additional space in your home. Wall beds are designed to blend in with the decor when they are folded up and not in use. They can be decorated to look like cabinets or paneling, and they can include molding or other elements. Wall beds can be on a fold-up panel, or they can be nestled inside a bi-fold door. With the bi-fold door, you have to open the doors, then pull down the bed.

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds take their name from the Murphy brand, which originated in the 1800s. Some people still refer to wall beds as Murphy beds, much the same way that they refer to all nose tissues as Kleenex, even though that is a brand name and not a generic term. Murphy wall beds fold into the wall, and they can be mounted on the floor or on the wall. A panel is on the underside of the bed that blends into the wall when it is folded up. The bed can be built inside a unit that includes shelves, or it can take up the length of the wall.