The Latest Trends in Custom Entertainment Center Designs

Your entertainment center shouldn’t be some bulky piece of furniture taking up a lot of square footage and creating an eye sore in your living room. It should be carefully chosen to enhance the decor in the room while also creating the functionality you need to store all your media and show off beautiful pictures and pieces of art.

To get the best for your Mesa, Arizona home, you will need to consider a custom design. Custom entertainment centers can be modified to include all the details you want, ensuring that you get the best look and utility from it.

Custom Library Shelving For Your Media Center AZ

Here are a few of the latest trends in entertainment center designs you may want to consider:

Library Shelving

A lot of people end up putting bookcases in their living rooms in addition to their entertainment centers. They keep their books, DVDs and other media all together in the place where they are most likely to relax after a long day and enjoy them.

Why not combine your shelves with your entertainment center if you’re going to have them in the same room anyway? A custom entertainment center in your Mesa home can include attached shelving that will make the center look like one big, built-in piece. You can make your living room or family room look like a home library — with space in the middle for your TV and other electronics and media.

Media Storage

Not everything has gone online — yet. Many of us still have prolific DVD and even CD collections. Some of us are even hanging on to tapes and albums. You need a place to store all that media next to your TV and audio player.

Custom entertainment centers can be designed to include plenty of media storage, including small drawers, cabinets, and shelves. The unit can be designed to fit specific media. Therefore, if you need space for CDs, you’ll get smaller shelves with a lower height. That way, there is no wasted space on the unit and everything looks like it was meant to be there.

Glass Doors

Most entertainment centers either have open shelving that allows you to see what’s there or has cabinets to keep clutter out of sight. But maybe you want to be able to see what you have stored but want to keep things out of reach of children.

Glass Shelves and Doors For Your Custom Mesa Entertainment Center

Glass doors create an elegant look that allows you to display your media or decor. You can place plates, vases, and other home decor items on the shelves that aren’t needed for media storage. If you are a collector, you can even use the space as a display case. Show off your dolls, action figures, or other collectible items right where you will be entertaining guests.

Home Bar

If you’re going to entertain your guests, make sure that you have everything you need right on hand. Include a home bar in your entertainment center, and pour drinks without having to leave the room.

You can include specialty shelves for liquor, such as wine racks, and can include a small cooler for ice or other needs. You can even have a small sink installed in your entertainment center if you desire.


A lot of people like to hang their TV over their fireplace since the area is a focal point of the room. However, doing so doesn’t leave a good place to store media or to hook up DVD players and other equipment.

Stay Warm During The AZ Winters With Our Custom Fireplace Entertainment Centers

Custom entertainment centers can be designed around your fireplace. They keep the TV and fireplace where they would have been, and they include shelves and cabinets to store your other equipment and media. The whole unit will look like it was built with the house, and your guests will love the way the fireplace has been incorporated.

A custom entertainment center can really transform your living room or entertaining space if you choose the right features. Lift & Stor Beds works with clients in Mesa, Arizona and throughout the state to design the perfect custom entertainment centers to meet their needs. We use high-quality wood and other materials to design our furniture, and we work closely with clients through every step of the process. Call us today to start building your own custom piece!

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