Storage Beds in Washington, DC

Washington, DC Storage Beds by Lift & Stor Beds

Washington, DC Storage Beds by Lift & Stor
Lift & Stor Beds shows the benefit of storage beds to residents in Washington, DC.
Washington, DC, Maryland

Appearances are everything in the nation’s capital, where your reputation can make or break your career. But you don’t have to be in politics to want to make a good impression when guests come to your home. A sure way to make a bad impression — or to make your home seem smaller than it is — is to allow clutter to take over your space.

The Lift & Stor storage bed offers solutions for clearing up clutter in bedrooms and guest rooms. They offer an easy way to keep your dirty laundry out of sight — both literal and metaphorical.

Lift & Stor Beds offers a large selection of Washington, DC storage beds online, including DIY storage bed hardware kits for the handy. Our storage beds feature advanced technology that makes them easy to lift to access the storage space below. Anyone can lift the hydraulic platform, moving the mattress out of the way to reveal the large open space below.

The enclosed storage area is the perfect place to put books, holiday decorations, your shoe collection or anything else that you want to be able to reach quickly but don’t want cluttering up your room. By using a storage bed, you’ll also clear up valuable closet space, and you can avoid fumbling in the attic for the things you need in a pinch.

Do-it-yourself storage beds provide some design flexibility. You can add your own trim or different stains or paints to make the bed look just the way you want. If you can build a basic box, you can build a quality storage bed and we provide support for the whole process.

Explore our online catalog of storage beds, wall beds, and unique space saving furniture to find a large selection of Washington storage beds for your Washington, DC home. With our top quality space-saving furniture, you’ll create a space that’s fit to entertain heads of state.

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