Wall Bed Hardware

Wall Bed Hardware Kit By Lift & Stor Beds in Mesa, Arizona

A wall bed lies flat against the wall when not in use enabling home owners to create inviting spaces for their guests from a room that customarily serves as an office, sewing room or even a living room. The front wooden panel of a custom built cabinet pulls down with a hidden mattress to form a bed. These are easy to install in with wall bed hardware which is available for order.

Customers with low-ceiling rooms, such as attic spaces can make use of the beautiful hidden wall beds we offer. These are rotated 90 degrees along the wall and open out sideways. Regardless of the style chosen, a choice of finish is available, from wood veneers to an unfinished product ready for personalization. Arizona Lift & Stor wall beds are sold for DIY assembly. Wall bed hardware kits and hydraulic pistons are easily purchased from the website along with basic beds.

Wall Bed Hardware differs slightly between manufacturers but all generally include the mechanisms that enable the bed to be raised or lowered in such a simple fashion, usually by implementing the use of hydraulics. A delivery person may set up the item for the customer for an added fee, or the customers may put the bed together themselves. Generally, the hardware is included within the packaging for the wall bed, though, if need be, various big box stores also provide similar hardware. Some companies provide their own patented wall bed hardware, or the type of mechanism needed may differ depending on whether the style of bed opens horizontally or vertically, but the ease of installing the wall bed hardware is a simple task.

Murphy Bed Hardware

Murphy Bed Hardware Frame for sale online by Lift & Stor

Murphy wall beds are different from other wall beds as they make use of a metal frame attached to the wall or floor. A cabinet is built around it rather than forming part it. Arizona Lift & Stor has the largest show room of Murphy readymade beds. These only require Murphy wall bed hardware for installation and are available up to queen size. A custom made bed may be preferred as they can be showcased by bookcases or cabinets for a smart solution. As with standard wall beds, Murphy beds can be designed and installed for vertical or horizontal placement.

People who have a lot of do it yourself experience and are efficient at building and assembling parts may feel better about installing their own do it yourself murphy beds rather than hiring a professional or a handy man to do it. There is murphy bed hardware that comes with all of the parts that are needed to install it except for the tools which must be provided by the person installing the bed. A do it yourself person could also choose all of the separate hardware necessary to build a custom murphy bed for themselves.

Swinging or sliding bookshelves can create an elegant space in any home wanting to disguise their Murphy Wall Beds. Each custom bed and cabinet from Arizona Lift & Stor is made from hardwood and has a unique locking system. They are easy to open and close with mattresses of up to 11” thick. Ready-made beds and Murphy wall bed hardware is available for order online for easy installation.

Here at Lift & Stor Storage Beds, we offer wall bed hardware. This hardware can be purchased to replace broken pieces, or to upgrade an older model you may have. All of our hardware is specially designed to allow ease of use to the owner, and create an easy installation. For more hardware information, visit us online.