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Oakland Storage Bed Options by Lift & Stor

Oakland Storage Beds by Lift & Stor
Lift & Stor Beds informs Oakland, California residents about the popular space-saving furniture option of storage beds.
Oakland, California

San Francisco is one of the most popular places in the country to live, but the price of real estate drives many away. Outlying cities like Oakland are popular commuter cities for those looking to get away from the outrageous costs of living in San Francisco. Yet thanks to its popularity, Oakland is like a mini-San Francisco, with real estate that still costs much more than other cities.

No matter its cost, real estate in Oakland is also on the smaller side. You can maximize your space by choosing the right interior decor. Effective space-saving storage bed furniture can make a big difference.

Lift & Stor Beds sells a number of stylish storage bed kits online, including Oakland DIY storage bed kits. A storage bed features a wooden compartment below the mattress that you can access by lifting the hydraulic platform. You don’t have to wrestle with a heavy mattress to access the storage below. The platform is easy for anyone to lift.

The storage area below the bed provides space for any belongings you need to keep close at hand but out of sight. That can include shoes, off-season clothes, sports equipment, scrapbooks and mementos. Instead of just shoving these under a bed, you can neatly organize them in a contained space. Plus, nothing will stick out of the sides.

Storage beds, wall beds, hidden desk bed systems, and other space-saving furniture options can help reduce clutter in your bedrooms and clear up space for other essential items. A storage bed is a good choice for a guest room, which can also double as an office space.

Lift & Stor Beds also sells DIY storage bed kits in Oakland to help you cut down on costs and have more design flexibility. Explore our catalog to find a large selection of storage beds online for your Oakland home, or contact our Arizona office today to speak to one of our storage furniture product specialists.

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