Houston Storage Beds

Houston, Texas Storage Beds by Lift & Stor

Houston Storage Beds by Lift & Stor
Lift & Stor Beds informs homeowners in Houston, Texas about storage beds as great space-saving furniture solutions.
Houston, Texas

Texas may be a huge state, but that doesn’t mean you have wide, open spaces in your Houston home. Real estate can be a bit cramped in the big city. Yet with a little creative interior design, you can make your home feel expansive.

The Texas space-saving furniture from Lift & Stor Beds offers you a variety of solutions for your home. Our storage beds can help you create the space you need for your home office or guest room, or they can help you make your space more inviting by removing clutter.

Houston Storage beds help you remove a lot of the items that can take up floor space in your room, such as shoes, sports equipment, handbags and other accessories. You can move these items into ordered storage under the mattress platform, making the room more tidy and open. You won’t have to worry about searching under the bed for what you need later. Just lift the mattress with the easy hydraulic mechanism, and quickly reach whatever you need.

A DIY storage bed kit can help those on a budget get the affordable solutions they need. You just put together the bed using the prefabricated pieces and easy-to-follow instructions. You’ll get a beautiful piece of furniture for a fraction of the cost.

Wall beds are also available as DIY kits. With wall beds, you get more flexibility for creating space. The bed folds up against the wall, hidden neatly inside a cabinet that resembles wall molding or an entertainment center. When the bed is up, it reveals a desk or sofa in its place. You can use a wall bed hardware kit to easily create a home office for work or study or to create a guest space in your living room. You can further customize your wall bed with shelving options and different finishes and fabrics.

Browse our online store at Lift & Stor Beds to find the perfect space-saving bed for your Houston home. You don’t have to own a spacious ranch to create an open and inviting environment or to get all the functionality you want out of your home. You just need the right furniture, like a DIY storage bed kit or wall bed DIY kit. With space-saving furniture and a little vision, you’ll get more out of your space than you thought was possible.

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