Do It Yourself Wall Bed hardware with Lift & Stor Beds in AZ

Want a fun project to work on, that will also help you optimize the minimal space you have in your home or office, allowing for more functionality? Wall beds are perfect for homeowners trying to maximize functionality of minimal space. Whether you live in a city area, small apartment, or just need more space for guests, a DIY wall bed can provide you with the extra space and multi-purpose furniture option you need.

Do It Yourself Wall Beds From Lift & Stor Beds

You can purchase a fantastic do it yourself wall bed kit from Lift & Stor and build your very own wall bed! You can choose the type of wood materials you would like, the type of finish, as well as additional cabinets or bookcases to customize your own do it yourself wall bed project, that lets you take full advantage of small spaces, minimizing the floor clutter and space taken up by a normal bed, not to mention they add a fresh unique bit of style to any room!

Do It Yourself Wall Bed Hardware

Are you a handyman, or enjoy fun and accomplishing DIY projects, but aren’t sure what tools you will need for the DIY wall bed assembly?

There are a few basic tools you will need to complete your diy wall bed hardware project at home, such as a cordless power drill or driver, a table-saw or a circular saw, and a hammer and nails(an air hammer will work as well). Essentially the more complex the design of your desired Wall Bed, the more tools you will need to complete the assembly. Our Arizona DIY wall bed kits come with complete and clear instructions, so that you may do the assembly yourself, which can be a fun project if you are a handyman, or a neat father/son teamwork project! With these tools and instructions you will be ready to complete your very own diy wall bed!

Lift & Stor Wall Bed Hardware displayed in ArizonaDo It Yourself Wall Beds, despite sounding daunting, can be as simple as cutting the wood yourself, or if that is not possible, taking the measurements to the local lumberyard or home improvement store and having whatever choice of wood you desire cut to the proper specifications. Once the wood has been cut properly, clear directions give systematic instructions enabling the independent builder to be able to take the wood home and piece the project together manually. Do It Yourself Wall Beds are simple projects that could save an individual money and offer the freedom to pick the exact color that is desired to fit the needs of every consumer.

Love the idea of a DIY wall bed for your bedroom or guest bedroom? Contact Lift & Stor Beds today at 480-380-8018 to receive more information about how to start on your do it yourself wall bed or DIY storage bed hardware project! Our in-house wall bed experts will help you find a wall bed that fits the style and size of your home and provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to get started.