Denver Colorado Storage Beds by Lift and Stor

Denver Storage Beds by Lift & Stor
Lift & Stor Beds shows homeowners in Denver, Colorado how storage beds are a great way to save space.
Denver, Colorado

When you think about Colorado, you likely think of open swaths of land punctuated by beautiful mountain sides. While you will find all of that in the Centennial State, you’ll also find large, thriving cities. Denver is one of them, and those lucky enough to live there will pay a hefty price for the privilege. Real estate sells at a premium in Denver, and many cope with that by investing in smaller properties.

You don’t have to hit the lottery to get the floor space you need in your Denver home. Lift & Stor Beds offers Denver space-saving furniture solutions that help you to create more room in your home, no matter how little square footage you have.

Our storage beds are ideal for any home. They allow you to use all the space in the room, including what’s under the bed. Instead of cramming your closets to the gills, you can keep everything you need close by under the bed. The mattress is on a platform that lifts easily, and the sides are covered. You’re the only person who will know what’s under there, and you can keep your room beautifully uncluttered.

If you’re the handy type, you can choose one of our DIY kits to create your own wall bed. With this custom option, you can create a storage bed or wall bed with a personalized finish or paint job, matching the personal style and functionality of your home.

You just lift the bed when not in use to free up floor space for a home office, gym or entertaining area. The DIY storage bed kit allows you to save money and customize the bed to your needs.

Looking for the perfect product for your Denver, Colorado, home or apartment? Explore our online catalog to find the Denver space-saving solutions you need, or contact our main office today to speak to a Denver storage bed product specialist at 480-380-8018.

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George H.Denver
“We have a king size storage bed and it is exactly what we needed and wanted.”


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Sharon S.Denver
“Lots of clean, fresh storage space. Everyone who sees mine wants one!”


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