Storage Bed FAQs

Q: How hard is it to assemble the bed? How big are the boxes?
A: It is very easy. In fact, we have a video on our website that shows all the steps involved. You will also see the size of the boxes. You will need two people to get the top in place.
Q: Why is this system better than a bed with drawers?
A: Quite simply, you get more storage. Building the framework for the drawers and the drawers themselves will take up half of your storage space. You also have much better access to the entire bed when it is open.
Q: Do you have a lock for the bed?
A: We don’t sell locks, but you could easily add one to the bed. When the bed is made, it is very hard to tell the beds opens.
Q: I have a memory foam mattress. Will your bed support it?
A: Yes, memory foam is not a problem.
Q: Why do you sell the beds in unfinished particle board?
A: A lot of our customers want a DIY storage bed project. We have had customers face the sides of the bed with metal, flooring, stone, stucco, wallpaper, flooring, tile, and anything else that your imagination can think of.
Q: Do you have any distributors where we can see the bed?
A: Currently, we only have them available for viewing in Arizona, but we are working getting them nationwide! The best place to see them operate is by watching our videos and reading about our thousands of satisfied customers.
Q: If I bought more than one bed, can I get a break on the shipping?
A: In most cases, YES. If you want to buy multiple beds, please call us and we can get a customized quote for you based on the number of beds you want to purchase.
Q: Can I pick up a storage bed at your store in Arizona?
A: Yes, but we need to know in advance. All the beds are manufactured and warehoused off site. If you want to pick up a bed, we can arrange for it to be ready for pick up on a specific date.

The Innovation Storage Bed by Lift and Stor Beds in Mesa, AZ

Storage Bed DIY Kit FAQS

Q: Where do I buy the wood to make the storage bed?
A: A good lumber yard in your area should be able to get you the wood and cut it to size. You will have much better luck with a lumber yard over a big box home improvement center.
Q: The instructions call for 1″ thick material for the base, but I can’t find it. Can I use 3/4″?
A: Yes
Q: Can I make the storage area taller or shorter?
A: Yes, you can make it any height you want. The height we suggest will create a bed that is about the same height as a traditional mattress with a foundation and metal frame.
Q: Is there a problem doing my bed in veneer plywood with a stain and polyurethane finish?
A: No, however, it won’t be as durable. Keep in mind that you will kick the bed and hit it with your vacuum over time. This kind of use will wear down quickly. We use a termofused facing (Melamine) on our beds for durability.

Wall Bed FAQs

Q: Why do you use springs over a shock system. I see a shock system on the web for $299.
A: The shock system is fine for some applications, however it is not adjustable based on the weight of the face. The custom beds we build tend to be much heavier, which a shock system will not be able to lift.
Q: Won’t the mattress get damaged sitting upright all the time?
A: The mattresses that we include with our beautiful luxury wallbeds are continuous coil mattresses. There is no problem with these beds being vertical for extended periods. We do not recommend individual pocketed coil beds or foam beds because the material will settle over time to the lowest point.
Q: I have a ceiling fan in my room. Will that be a problem?
A: In most cases, NO. If the fan is centered in the room, there is no problem. If you are unsure, we can come out and check to make sure everything is okay.
Q: Do you ship the wallbeds?
A: No, we only do wallbeds in Arizona; however, we have done some jobs in New Mexico and California. If you are unsure, give us a call.